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Long Drop Antique Bronze Cat Earrings with Matte Black Onyx Gemstones

Long Drop Antique Bronze Cat Earrings with Matte Black Onyx Gemstones

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I think cats are magnificent creatures and I feel lucky that I grew up with them around. They have such natural grace and yet are more than happy to behave like fools and bring us so much joy!

When I first matched Onyx with Bronze I was astounded at how natural the two look together, they create such an antique feel. I have gone on to use the combination many times in my jewellery. I especially like these matte Onyx beads. These small ones used here look so elegant.

Each piece of jewellery will arrive in an elegant hand stamped eco-friendly kraft box, excellent for gift giving. Please see the images provided for an example. Your package will also include care instructions, a resealable storage bag, and an anti-tarnish tab for long term protection.

I have many other styles of jewellery in my shop, please click on my store name 'Free Range London' to see everything.

Spiritual people believe Onyx to have protective properties and to bring inner strength, self-confidence and mental discipline to its wearer. It is said to help to release negative emotions and alleviate fear and anxiety.

Onyx has been worn throughout history to aid people recovering from sorrow or grief, including getting over a relationship or bereavement.

Onyx is a birthstone for Leo.

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