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Grey Scenery Jasper Silver Plated Five Decade Rosary with Free Worldwide Shipping

Grey Scenery Jasper Silver Plated Five Decade Rosary with Free Worldwide Shipping

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I've used black and grey scenery Jasper for this rosary, it has been used since ancient times as a stone of protection.

Each rosary is packaged in a hand stamped eco-friendly kraft box ready for gift giving. Also includes care instructions, storage bag, and an anti-tarnish tab to keep your item looking beautiful.

I make many styles of rosaries so please click on my shop name 'Free Range London' to see the entire range.

I can make rosaries in any gemstones that I am able to purchase, so please do get in touch if you are interested in another gemstone, or if you'd like your rosary in bronze or copper instead.

Here's a little information on Jasper for those that are interested.

Jasper is known metaphysically as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. When its protective energies are also considered, it's no wonder jasper is sometimes called the "nurturing stone." It is also a powerful protection stone in general and can be used in protection magic, in talismans and other places you want a strong but gentle protection.

In some cultures, particularly Native American, jasper is traditionally used for rain making. Jasper is used for bringing beauty, into life and specific situations. Beauty brought by jasper can be striking inner beauty as well as external beauty. This is gaining it the name "make up stone" for the way it can bring beauty to people outside as well as inside. Jasper balances yin/yang energies. This is helpful in many areas of life and can bring healing, peace, and ease.

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