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Welcome to Free Range London

While working on this new website, I have taken off the options for customers to make purchases temporarily, feel free to browse and please go to my Amazon or Etsy stores to purchase your jewellery - 
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My name is Jenni and I am proud to say that I have created Free Range London Jewellery and I make everything myself in my home workshop, overlooking a beautiful London park.
My work is very much inspired by nature, as well as by ancient cultures. I love to look through old books and visit museums to get inspiration from the past.
As my website is quite a new edition to the business, I'd be happy for you to look through the reviews on my Etsy store which will reassure you of the quality of my work and my genuine love of providing people with exactly what they are looking for.
All of my jewellery is packaged in a hand stamped eco-friendly kraft box ready for you to keep it safe inside or for gift giving. I will also include care instructions, a storage bag, and an anti-tarnish tab to keep your item looking beautiful.