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Red Carnelian Gemstone Statement necklace with Antique Bronze Triangle

Red Carnelian Gemstone Statement necklace with Antique Bronze Triangle

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I've made this piece by beading 4mm Carnelian gemstones individually and though it takes time, it is a labour of love for me, I find it very relaxing creating these pieces. I also make this necklace in other gemstones, please see my store 'Free Range London' to see them all.

Each necklace is packaged in a hand stamped eco-friendly kraft box ready for gift giving. Also includes care instructions, storage bag, and an anti-tarnish tab to keep your item looking beautiful.

Here's a little information on Carnelian for those that are interested -

Physically, Carnelian can help with digestive problems and reduce pain associated with the abdomen. It is actually believed to be extremely helpful and beneficial for child birth. Carnelian can also help heal open sores and alleviate symptoms of rheumatism and other kidney disorders. It is said that Carnelian can cleanse and purify blood, thus giving its owner more physical energy. Carnelian is associated with the Element of Fire and it is a stone of Taurus. It can also greatly benefit those that fall under the Zodiac signs of Aries, Gemini and Virgo. Carnelian is excellent for the Second Navel Chakra and it has a projective energy that balances all forces.

Carnelian is believed to bring good luck to its wearer. Muslim legend says that Mohammed once wore a ring, set with a carnelian seal, which was known to bring him good luck. In Europe, Napoleon also had a carnelian seal which he often wore as a lucky watch charm. Carnelian is known to protect from bad energy, as well as poverty. It can also boost one's sense of humour and help calm one's temper.

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