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Amethyst and Antique Bronze Lilac Quartz Statement Necklace with Bronze Triangle centrepiece

Amethyst and Antique Bronze Lilac Quartz Statement Necklace with Bronze Triangle centrepiece

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I've made this piece by beading 4mm Lilac quartz Amethyst gemstones individually and though it takes time, it is a labour of love for me, I find it very relaxing creating these pieces.

This beautiful gemstone is known as Lilac Quartz and it is a unique type of Amethyst. Amethyst is a well known stone for very good reason and it goes so wonderfully with the Antique Bronze. The Triangle is Antique Bronze in colour and lightweight acrylic.

Each necklace is packaged in a hand stamped eco-friendly kraft box ready for gift giving. Also includes care instructions, storage bag, and an anti-tarnish tab to keep your item looking beautiful.

The length option is the length of the circular section that will go around your neck. The choice is there so you can decide how high or low you would like the piece to hang on your neck/chest. If you'd like advice on the choice, please just let me know!

Here's a little information on Amethyst for those that are interested -

Amethyst is recognized as the official birthstone for the month of February. Since purple is considered one of the royal colours, amethyst has quite a historical importance as an insignia of power. Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and they were also a favourite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty. Amethyst also holds a high place in the ranks of the Christian church and was referred to as "the stone of bishops".

The Greek word "amethystos" translates into "not drunken" and it was often worn as an amulet to protect against intoxication. Since amethyst was considered an antidote against drunkenness, many wine goblets were carved from amethyst stone. Still to this day, violet-purple amethyst is still used as a symbol for sobriety.

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